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Birth Chart Reading for Adults

The specific placement of planets at the time you were born has a very significant impact on you and helps to create the person you become. 

The birth chart reading pinpoints where the planets were at the exact moment you were born helping to understand your life’s purpose, your good fortune, your personal obstacles, and much more. 

By understanding your unique cosmic blueprint, you arm yourself with the knowledge and power to steer your fate in any direction you desire.


Birth Chart Reading for Children 

Imagine having the foresight into your child’s life when they are born into this world. What type of person will they become, what interests will they have, what obstacles will they face, what will they do when they grow up – astrology can give insights into these questions and much more. 


Transit Reading 

Includes the current quality of time as well as a look at the year ahead. A transit reading is recommended if you would like to know what the year has in store for you. This would be an ideal option at the beginning of the year, around your birthday or any time you have questions about what’s going on in your life or you are trying to plan something. 


Ask A Question

Clients can ask a question about something that may be concerning them. Often they are seeking an answer which could be related to their health or relationships, education, money/finances, immigration, business, job or career etc.


The planets can shed light on what is troubling you and why. This is an ideal option if you are seeking an answer for something specific or are trying to plan something and need the best time to execute. 


Couples Synastry Report 

For those that have questions and are seeking answers related to relationships and partner compatibility. In many

cultures, families order a couples synastry report prior to setting a wedding date to ensure the couple will be compatible.

If you’re just curious or have any questions regarding you and your partner’s synastry, this would be the ideal reading for you. 

Astrology + Vision Board 

Combines manifestation and setting intentions with astrology. We review your birth chart with the current planetary transits and help you set your goals accordingly. When you set intentions without knowing where you’ll get the most benefits based on the planetary energy in your chart, chances are the goals will not materialize. You will create your vision board and set your intentions in alignment with your astrological chart and in the areas where you will see the most benefit. 


Career Consultation

If you would like clarity regarding your career focus – ideal for students or those just starting out, for those immigrating to a new country and starting a new career, for those wanting to start a 2nd career or for those wanting to start a business.


Forensic Astrology 

Forensic astrology combines my degree in Criminology with my love for Astrology to analyze astrological charts for

specific criminal events, missing persons and acts of crime. 

The art of reading and mapping an astrological chart for forensic purposes differs greatly from reading an individual’s

birth chart. 

Forensic charts can show the victim’s whereabouts through planetary mapping, can identify the perpetrator, indicate motives and much more – all of which can help to confirm ongoing investigation details or provide additional clues. 

Crystal Recommendations 

Astrology can be used in conjunction with Crystals for healing and setting intentions. 

Certain planetary positions can point towards specific ailments and when used in conjunction with gemstones, it can have a healing affect on your mind and body. 

For example, clients lacking in energy can be advised to carry a red Jasper stone – it represents the energy of Mars (the planet of action) and the stone contains iron. It also strengthens and detoxifies the circulatory system, blood and liver.

Similarly, gemstones are often used in manifestations and setting intentions. For example, the black Moonstone works with the new moon energy in setting intentions. Clients have also used it when starting something new such as a new project or a new job. 

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