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Mars Enters Capricorn

The action planet Mars enters the hard working sign of Capricorn today. Put the two together and you’ll want to take action and work hard towards something you want to achieve. Take the next 6 weeks to start projects or work on goals where you want to see results. Capricorn is known for dedication and stability. Whatever you start now will have stability over the long term. This is a transit that makes things happen so don’t let this energy pass you by without taking on something – it can be anything from a work related project, a personal goal or even a new relationship. Take action wherever you want to build something in your life. Mercury retrograde is ending next week so put your ideas together now and action them in Feb. To be even more specific, check the transits in your birth chart (or message for a reading) and focus on the house in your chart that has Capricorn.

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